Coach The Coach – 2 days (9-10 Nov 2015)

09 Nov 2015
09:00 - 17:00
Windsor Plaza Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Coach The Coach – 2 days (9-10 Nov 2015)

Is Coaching only about being a Guru or more? An agile coach is not only a guru but a beacon of change, an instigator, a disruptor. Effective coaching requires patience, perseverance and a few tricks of the art. While the first two or behavior virtues, the art can be learnt.


Module 1: The Basics of Agile Coaching

–  The role of a coach

–  The need of a coach

–  Understanding the coach’s mindset

Module 2: Effective Coaching techniques

–  Transactional vs Transformation coaching

–  Transformation coaching stages

Module 3: How to reflect the business value of coaching

–  Is business value required In a coaching role

–  Quantitative and qualitative business value

–  The coaching matrices

Module 4: Techniques for OCM and Team building

–  Team building strategies

–  Understanding the team mindset

–  The ADKAR model

–  The scope and outreach of a coaching program

–  The Fish Philosophy

Module 5: Facilitation and Leadership

–  Leadership traits in coaching

–  Facilitation and brainstorming techniques

Module 6: Innovation games

–  De bono thinking techniques

Module 7: Coaching Rendezvous (Peer coaching)

Module 8: Live coaching examples, situations and case studies

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